Ladybug Was ‘Terrified’ of ‘The Masked Singer’ NDA, the ‘Scariest F–ing NDA of Your Life’

Unmasked singer tells TheWrap why Fox singing competition was “a great way back into working” for them

Masked Singer Kelly Osbourne Ladybug

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of “The Masked Singer.”)

Welp, all of you “Masked Singer” fans who guessed that Ladybug was Kelly Osbourne can go around bragging to your friends tomorrow, because, yes, she was in fact Kelly Osbourne. The big reveal came during Wednesday’s episode of the Fox singing competition and not a minute before, something the TV personality is very grateful for, due to how “terrified” she was of that iron-clad NDA.

“You sign the scariest f–king NDA of your life,” Osbourne told TheWrap. “I’ve never signed anything like that before, like, what will happen to you if you tell or you speak. If anyone brings up ‘The Masked Singer,’ I’m like, ‘What’s that?’ I don’t wanna know about it, I don’t want to talk about it, because I’m terrified of saying the wrong thing. And that’s exactly why we couldn’t tell my dad because my dad would brag and say, ‘That’s my Kelly! That’s my Kelly!’ So we couldn’t tell my dad.”

Yeah, Kelly couldn’t tell her dad Ozzy Osbourne, but she did let her brother Jack Osbourne and mother Sharon Osbourne in on the secret that she was the Ladybug — a costume she now kinda regrets.

“If you want to do the show and if you’re ever gonna be a contestant on the show, pick a costume that’s more friendly,” she warned us. “When people think of red and black they think evil and they think, ‘Oh, this is a bad person.’ Because that’s just what the subconscious and the mind has been trained to think all these years. People who are dressed up as furry animals and ice cream, they had a much easier time winning over the audience. So it’s things like that. Like, I had such a harder time portraying a friendly vibe in that costume than I would if it was something else.”

But Osbourne says she “had the time of [her] life” doing “The Masked Singer,” an experience she initially turned down during the Fox competition’s freshman year, due to the fact she was not ready to return to the spotlight after relapsing with her addiction to drugs and alcohol back in 2017 and her subsequent road to sobriety.

“They approached me for Season 1, but I wasn’t ready,” Osbourne said. “I wasn’t ready to work again yet because, believe it or not, with sobriety came a lot of insecurity and I didn’t know if I even wanted to do this, like, ‘Am I failure?’ So to do something like this, where it slowly eases you back into it, was great.”

Osbourne tells us she “didn’t enter the competition to win,” but “because it was a great way back into working for me.”

“I’ve taken so much time off to focus on myself and my health and my sobriety,” she said, “I was behind the mask and had to be covered for hours a day. So it was the perfect show to ease my way back in.”

The former “Fashion Police” co-host says she doesn’t know what you’ll think of her “Masked Singer” appearance, but she hopes you enjoy it as much as she did.

“I had the time of my life doing the show,” she said. “It reveals how much you know about yourself when you’re behind the mask, because everything else gets stripped from you. And I want people to see that I enjoyed it.”

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.