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Kelly Ripa Offers Ryan Seacrest Public Show of Support: ‘You Are Happiness Wrapped in Chocolate’

Ripa also told her co-host that he is a ”privilege to work with“

Kelly Ripa offered co-host Ryan Seacrest some support ahead of the Oscars on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” Thursday.

Ripa told Seacrest that he is a “privilege to work with,” but didn’t explicitly mention the harassment accusations that he’s facing.

“I just want you to know that you are a privilege to work with, and I adore you. And I am speaking on behalf of all us here,” she said. “I know what an easy, professional, great person you are and I feel very, very lucky to work with you each and every day. We all do.”

“You are happiness,” Seacrest said back to her.

“You are happiness,” Ripa echoed. “You are happiness wrapped in chocolate, so there.”

After E! News’ investigation into the harassment accusations found “insufficient evidence,” Seacrest was back in the news this week when Suzie Hardy revealed previously unknown details of the allaged harassment on Monday.

E! has stood by the results of its investigation, and Seacrest has continued to deny the claims. Hardy said on Tuesday that the idea Seacrest was absolved of wrongdoing was a “false narrative.

Watch the clip below.