Kellyanne Conway Calls Trump ‘Commander of Cheese,’ Internet Melts (Video)

Verbal flub leads to alarming number of cheese puns

Kellyanne Conway suffered a messaging flub on Wednesday, accidentally labeling her boss, President Donald Trump, “the commander of cheese,” during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day.”

She quickly corrected herself and continued on in the segment about the president’s fight with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The clip, first isolated by ShareBlue senior writer Tommy Christopher, quickly went viral.

“If I accomplished two things today, it was to aggregate every possible cheese pun in one Twitter thread, and to prove that Mike Huckabee can ruin literally any joke,” Christopher told TheWrap, alluding to this tweet from the former Arkansas governor:

Indeed, it wasn’t just Huckabee who got into the act, in the comments of Christopher’s first tweet, cheese puns proliferated at an alarming rate.


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