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Kellyanne Conway Backpedals After Saying James Comey ‘Swung an Election’

The presidential counselor says she was being sarcastic

Kellyanne Conway struck back Monday morning at James Comey, blasting the former FBI director following his Sunday night interview with George Stephanopoulos. Unfortunately, the presidential counselor accidentally suggested that it was Comey’s intervention in 2016 that delivered the presidential election to her boss, Donald Trump.

“This guy swung an election,” Conway told Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America” Monday, while derisively rattling off a list of Comey’s various misdeeds in government. “He takes time to talk about the size of his hands and the length of his tie. That’s really gutter.”

On Twitter following her spot on the program, Conway beat a hasty retreat, saying the “swung an election” line had been intended to be sarcasm.

“This misleading headline should include an eye roll and question mark. Point I made on 3 shows is that we are supposed to believe THIS guy swung an election? I don’t think so. Kellyanne Conway slams Comey: ‘This guy swung an election’ – ABC News,” she said.

Conway spent the morning rebutting the idea that she was attributing her boss’ victory to Comey, retweeting this from CNN’s Chris Cuomo — who didn’t miss an opportunity to take a shot at a rival network.

She also smacked down the IJR for running with ABC’s framing.

A review of the video reveals a slight inflection change during the critical moment, but whether it was sarcasm or a Freudian slip will likely remain in the eye of the beholder.

Watch above.