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Why Kellyanne Conway Hasn’t Been on TV Lately

Senior White House adviser has been benched, according to CNN

Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway has been sidelined from television appearances, according to CNN, which cites White House sources.

Conway was on television as often as anyone in the industry until last week, when she said former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had the president’s “full confidence” shortly before he resigned. She also said Flynn offered to step down, but White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer offered a conflicting version of the details and said Trump asked him to resign.

Conway, who was Trump’s campaign manager, became the first successful female presidential campaign manager in America’s history. Frequent TV appearances have resulted in Conway emerging as a household name who is frequently mocked on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders told CNN that the report of Conway being benched is a “wild goose chase.” (A White House spokeswoman did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.)

Update: TheWrap has learned that Conway will appear on Fox News’ Hannity” tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

CNN reported that a White House source said Conway was “off message,” while another “source close to the White House” told CNN that Trump’s White House is “having much more of a drama-free week” without Conway all over news networks.

Last week, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski banned Conway from appearing on her show, citing her “as not credible anymore.”

Brzezinski explained that Conway often gets herself booked for her frequent television appearances, saying, “We know for a fact that she tries to get herself booked on this show. I won’t do it because I don’t believe in fake news… Every time I’ve ever seen her on television, something is askew, off or incorrect.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough chimed in: “She’s out of the loop, she’s in none of the key meetings, she goes out and books herself often… She doesn’t know, she doesn’t have the information.”

NBC’s Matt Lauer recently told Conway that she wasn’t making any sense during an interview on the “Today” show.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Office of Government Ethics recently said Conway committed a “clear violation” when she promoted Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on Fox News during an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

Conway praised Ivanka’s business acumen and urged viewers to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff” a day after the president attacked Nordstrom on Twitter for dropping his daughter’s clothing line. Conway was quickly criticized by ethics watchdogs for violating rules forbidding public officials from misusing their office for private gain.

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