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Kellyanne Conway Trolls Democrats With Effusive Praise for Donna Brazile

“I respect Donna,” White House adviser says on “Fox & Friends”

The B-story surrounding the release of Donna Brazile’s new book is undoubtedly the pleasure Republicans have been getting offering trollish praise to the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman.

Case in point: Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, who took to the airwaves of “Fox & Friends” on Monday to offer her effusive compliments to Brazile.

“You’ve got Donna Brazile out there trying to clear her name and get the truth out there and I respect Donna for doing that,” she said. “She’s a smart woman. She feels like she is warning her Democratic party to move on to not be so smug and self-important and look at these elections as inevitable.”

Conway also reprised another talking point with evident glee “what Donna is saying that’s not getting enough coverage” — namely that President Barack Obama let the DNC’s finances get severely strapped and that Hillary Clinton “rigged” the Democratic primary to shut out rival Bernie Sanders.

“Donna Brazile did not like the way she was being treated, did not like the way down-ballot races were being neglected,” said Conway. “I thought her criticism of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on top of her criticism of Debbie Wasserman Schultz — she referred to them as ‘three titanic egos.’ They’re talking about each other in a way that we’re not.”

As is generally the case, Conway has taken her cues on the Brazile bombshells from the top. On Twitter, Donald Trump has offered vociferous commentary on the matter in a clear attempt to deepen divisions within the Democratic party.