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Kellyanne Conway Says ‘Nobody’ at White House Talks About Hillary Clinton – as Trump Tweets About Her

“We don’t care about her,” insisted Conway hours before the president tweets about his 2016 rival again

Kellyanne Conway says the White House is over Hillary Clinton and the 2016 campaign, telling CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Wednesday that President Trump has moved past the election, and Clinton only comes up because of other people.

“We don’t care about her. Nobody here talks about her. Hey Chris, nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton, I promise you,” said Conway. “I’ll make you a deal Chris, I’ll never talk about her again but then you can’t talk about the 2016 election because she lost that election.”

“I haven’t mentioned the election once,” Cuomo said. “Russian interference matters and it doesn’t delegitimize the president’s victory. You guys are frozen in that moment.”

The pair moved on to shouting about the Russia investigation.

Even for Conway, the woman who gave us “alternative facts,” the moment was breathtaking. Even a casual glance at Trump’s Twitter feed reveals a sustained obsession with his 2016 campaign rival.

She was proven wrong.

The president tweeted about “Crooked Hillary” early Thursday morning, hours after Conway’s proclamation.

A cursory Twitter search of every time Trump has tweeted “Hillary” — if you dare — can be viewed here.   A search of “Hillary Clinton” on Whitehouse.gov reveals no less than six pages of content.