Kellyanne Conway Says History With Trump Is Nikki Haley’s Achilles’ Heel: ‘You Can’t Ignore Him’ (Video)

Haley, who announced her 2024 bid for presidency, served as UN ambassador under the twice-impeached former president

Kellyanne Conway says Nikki Haley may struggle to win over the Republican Party and GOP voters due to her past working under former President Donald Trump. 

Coming up as Trump’s first GOP presidential opponent is Nikki Haley, who the 45th president appointed as the 29th United States Ambassador. Haley, who also served as the 116th governor of South Carolina, announced her bid for the 2024 presidency on Tuesday.

During Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus,” former Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway punctuated Haley’s need to address her past professional relationship with her former employer if she wants to receive support from voters and the GOP.

“I think the problem for Nikki Haley in running for president in 2024 is she refuses to mention Donald Trump’s name,” Conway said. “I think that the issue that a lot of folks who would otherwise would vote for Donald Trump in the Republican Primary would have with Nikki Haley is she’s played hamlet about her support for him and whether or not she would oppose him for the presidency.”

Harris jumped in and asked Conway if it’s important to Republican voters that she mentions her previous work with Trump given that she knows she will be running against him. 

“I think it’s important because you can’t ignore him,” Conway replied. “The press would love to ignore him, the Democrats pretend he’s not relevant— they’re not afraid of him, yet they can’t complete a sentence about a spy balloon, energy policy, the crime, the border, without saying Trump, Trump, Trump 50 times. If she’s going to talk about her time at the U.N., it’s going to come out how she got that position.”

Trump served one term as president after being elected in 2016. He announced he would be running again on Nov. 15, 2022.