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Kellyanne Conway Says Trump ‘Rarely Draws First Blood’ When Attacking Critics on Twitter (Video)

”Social media platforms are a very powerful way for him to communicate,“ Conway tells NBC’s Willie Geist

New U.S. president Donald Trump”rarely draws first blood” when attacking critics on Twitter, according to Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, who added that she thinks he will stop tweeting in the White House.

“Donald Trump’s social media platforms are a very powerful way for him to communicate and connect directly with people,” Conway told NBC’s Willie Geist in an interview scheduled to air this weekend on “Sunday Today.”

Trump has recently attacked NBC News, Meryl Streep and “Saturday Night Live,” but Conway insisted that Trump didn’t start the beef with prominent media figures.

“He rarely draws first blood,” she said. “But, again, why was it okay for President Obama — everybody swooned and thought it was a wonderful idea that he would engage pop culture on his own terms, and if Donald Trump does it a little bit differently through his social media platforms everybody feigns shock and dismay?”

Conway also said that the incoming president’s messages frequently get misinterpreted.

“And sometimes what he has said gets distorted or jaundiced or outright twisted into unrecognizable fashion,” Conway said. “We’ve all experienced that. People take a snippet or a headline and really bastardize it, which I think is unfortunate. I know it’s great clickbait. And I know it’s great for some ratings.”

Watch the video below.