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Kellyanne Conway’s Outfit Mocked: ‘This Is What Happens When the Gays Won’t Dress You’

”Who wore it better: Kellyanne Conway or Paddington Bear?“ one Twitter user writes about Conway’s red, white and blue inauguration style

The inauguration of  a new president is certainly supposed to be a patriotic day, however Donald Trump’s White House counselor Kellyanne Conway took the theme to the extreme with her red, white and blue outfit Friday.

On such a serious day when the swearing in of the new POTUS sparked protests and riots across the country, Conway’s far-out fashion, at least, provided a source of light entertainment on social media.

While her Gucci A-line wool coat with cat-head buttons (retailing at $3,600 on Gucci.com) could have looked stylish alone — or perhaps worn on a less official occasion — when paired with a red hat, red gloves and a red purse, it appeared outlandish to say the least.

Conway was soon compared to such huggable characters as Paddington Bear and the throwback New England Patriots mascot.

Others pointed out that “this is what happens when the gays won’t dress you.”

Whatever your feelings are about the 45th president, enjoy a brief break from the drama with the amusing posts below.

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