Watch Ken Bone and Hillary Clinton’s Epic Debate Dance Battle (Video)

Now THIS would break a ratings record

Last Updated: October 14, 2016 @ 8:10 AM

Hillary Clinton and America’s Sweetheart Ken Bone definitely shared a moment at the second 2016 presidential debate — unfortunately, they didn’t share this exact moment.

Ellen DeGeneres masterfully turned the political event’s breakout star and newest Internet sensation into a dancing fool on her Friday show. “Ellen” guest Clinton got the same loving treatment — and the Democratic hopeful ate it all up on camera.

Apparently, the two can really move — all they needed was a green-screen and some terrific editing to pull off a dance battle for the ages. Even Bill Clinton makes a (confused) appearance in the syndicated talker’s cut of the remixed debate. This ain’t 1992 anymore, Mr. President.

“That was the best dancing I’ve ever done,” Hillary quipped to Ellen, adding: “He wasn’t so bad either.”

She’s right on Bone, but we’re with her on this one — the debate dance battle “W” goes to Hillary. We’ll see who wins next month at that other dance battle — the one over who gets to be president. Watch the video above.

Election Day is November 8, 2016. The next presidential debate is set for October 19; Fox News personality Chris Wallace will serve as moderator. Don’t count on the nation’s most famous undecided voter to be there, however. Nor his sweater.


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