Ken Burns Presents: ‘The Late Night War’ (video)

This clip from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" may be the best parody of the wackiness yet

Last Updated: October 8, 2012 @ 11:59 AM

If this year's Emmys had a category for Best Video Spoof of the Late-Night Crisis, the clip below would surely be nominated.

The increasingly inspired gang at ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" debuted a Ken Burns-inspired four-minute distillation of The Troubles on Thursday. A spoof of "The Civil War," it features a hapless President Zucker, a devious Jebediah Leno and … the Masturbating Bear.

As much as we want this whole thing to be over — and, in fact, things should cool down for a week or so after Coco signs off Friday — there's no denying the last two weeks has creatively charged the late-night community. Guess there's nothing these guys like talking about more than … themselves.



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