Ken Jennings Enjoyed Watching His ‘Jeopardy’ Record Fall

Jeopardy’s all-time champ said he was “excited” to see his record for winnings in a single episode fall to grad student Roger Craig

Ken Jennings is still the all-time "Jeopardy" champ, but on Tuesday, a 33-year-old University of Delaware student beat his record for winnings in a single episode. Jennings told TheWrap that losing the record didn't bother him — in fact, he wished he could have been there in person to watch 33-year-old Roger Craig's performance.

Jennings said he's been traveling in Europe this week and that he "just heard about the fateful 'Jeopardy' game" on Wednesday.

"As a big 'Jeopardy fan,' I'm more excited to see records fall than anybody. I only wish I had been in the studio audience to see it happen, like Roger Maris's widow or something," Jennings said. 

Craig earned $77,000 on Tuesday's episode of "Jeopardy," just $2,000 more than the $75,000 Jennings won when he set the one-day record in 2004. '

Craig's record-breaking performance came during his second appearance on "Jeopardy." He won again in his third appearance on Wednesday, but he's still a long way away from taking Jennings' crown as the all-time "Jeopardy" king. Jennings' record 2004 "Jeopardy" win total came after a streak of 74 victories.