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Kendall Jenner’s Braless ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ Tweet Draws Anger From Critics

”So she’s showing off what breast cancer has taken away from victims. How does that help?“ asks one detractor

Kendall Jenner appears to have stepped nipples-first into yet another PR flub.

The reality-TV personality raised hackles on Friday after posting a braless photo of herself, purportedly in support of breast cancer awareness.

Jenner posted a photo of herself braless in a sheer top, along with the hashtag #NoBraDay — a hashtag that was employed by many on Thursday to support breast-cancer awareness.

“Free the Nipple! Support Breast Cancer Awareness!” the caption to the photo read.

Detractors were quick to call Jenner out as a first-rate boob on a number of fronts.

At least one commenter took issue with the fact that the image in Jenner’s tweet linked to the reality TV personality’s app. Clicking on the image led to a page informing readers that for $24.99 a year, they could receive “exclusive access to my modekin posts, travel diaries, style and beauty favorites and MUCH more.”

“I’m not one to get all political, but posting a pic that a paparazzi took of your boobs which is linked to your app that costs money relatable for breast cancer survivors how?” the commenter asked.

Yet others suggested that Jenner’s picture might taunt cancer victims who had lost their breasts to the disease.

“Kendall needs a better PR team… Who told her that flaunting something in honor of those who have lost theirs is okay?” wrote one detractor.

“So she’s showing off what breast cancer has taken away from victims. How does that help? I would think it would make victims sad,” a similar-minded critic wrote.

“Bras don’t cause cancer anymore than belts cause stomach cancer. Stupid,” another commenter observed.

Yet another commenter suggested that Jenner should “read a bible.”

“Free the nipple no morals is more like it. Other ways to promote breast health. Sad world we live in today. Read a bible,” the comment read.

“Who thought this was a good idea?” asked another dismayed commenter.

“Desperate for attention much???” asked yet another critic.

“Pepsi Tits,” another comment read, referring to a public-relations fiasco Jenner was at the center of earlier this year.

Jenner has had a rough year public relations-wise. In April, Pepsi was prompted to yank a protest-themed ad starring Jenner after widespread outrage on social media. An Adidas ad starring Jenner was similarly lambasted over the summer.

In June, she and her sister Kylie Jenner both found themselves under fire for using images of musicians such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and Ozzy Osbourne on their T-shirt line. Smalls’ mother, Violetta Wallace said that the image of her deceased son was used without permission, and the T-shirt line was pulled from the market after attorneys for the estates of Jim Morrison and Smalls sent cease-and-desist letters to the Jenners.