A Kentucky Station’s Awesome Tribute to ‘Press Your Luck’ (video)

The classic 1980s game show is used to hype doppler radar. It works!

Last Updated: October 8, 2012 @ 12:17 PM

MoJoe loves game shows. MoJoe really likes "Press Your Luck."

And apparently, so do the promo-meisters at WKYT, the CBS affiliate in Lexington, Kentucky. They aired a brilliant spot right before and after Sunday's Super Bowl that used the classic CBS quiz show to tout the station's mega doppler radar.

It's quite awesome, and proof that there's plenty of talented folks toiling at stations across the country just ready to get the call to head to Hollywood or New York. CBS marketing chief George Schweitzer, take note!

And by the way, since we're doing open memos to CBS tonight: With another opening in the CBS daytime lineup coming this September, how about a revival of "Press Your Luck," Ms. Tellem?

Check out the WKYT "Luck" promo below — as well as a spot the station also considered airing after the Big Game. It's pretty cool, too.