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Kerry Washington and Jimmy Fallon Say ‘Not Today, Satan!’ on ‘Mad Lib Theater’ (Video)

”Tonight Show“ segment turns into nervy parent-teacher conference

Kerry Washington was the guest on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday night, and she showed off her acting chops as the latest participant in the show’s “Mad Lib Theater” segment.

After she filled in the blanks on host Jimmy Fallon’s questions with phrases like “Not today, Satan!” and “The dentist” — in response to the host’s questions like “What would you say if you saw a monster under your bed?” and “Something you hate doing” — the two took Washington’s words and headed the classroom… literally.

Washington and Fallon acted out a parent-teacher conference using the “Scandal” star’s responses. Playing a parent named Mr. Spectacularicious and a bespectacled teacher named Ms. Fluffy Girl — who discuss the travails of young Little Coconut. Unfortunately for the student of Lady Gaga Elementary School, dad isn’t thrilled with his D in “Going to the dentist” class, so he keeps yelling “Not today, Satan!”

As you can imagine, laughs ensue.

Check out the full clip above.