Kerry Washington Dishes on Bradley Cooper and Betty White’s ‘SNL 40’ Kiss: ‘They Went for It’ (Video)

The “Scandal” star talks to Ellen DeGeneres about about her “Californians” skit on the NBC sketch comedy anniversary special

Kerry Washington gave Ellen DeGeneres the lowdown on Bradley Cooper and Betty White‘s long lip lock during “Saturday Night Live’s” 40th Anniversary “Californians” skit.

Cooper and White played a long game of tonsil hockey during the sketch that had Taylor Swift and Washington joining in on the fun.

“I had front row seats to that crazy make-out session,” Washington told the talk show host.

“How did that feel being right there? Did you feel dirty?” asked DeGeneres.

“I did. But I like feeling dirty,” answered Washington. “They went for it.”

Washington, who’ll be presenting at this year’s Academy Awards, said she missed the epic selfie moment with DeGeneres during last year’s show.

“I was backstage eating the pizza that you ordered for everybody. And so I missed that selfie,” Washington quipped. “I was pregnant so when you’re pregnant and it’s like epic selfie or a pizza? You go pizza.”

You can watch Washington’s interview with DeGeneres here.


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