Kesha Is Surprisingly Good at ‘Password,’ But Jimmy Fallon Blows the Game (Video)

Score one for the unlikely team of Anthony Anderson and Terry Gross

Jimmy Fallon really let Kesha down — and on the eve of her big album drop, no less.

The two teamed up Thursday night for a game of “Password,” taking on the unlikely duo of Anthony Anderson and NPR’s Terry Gross. When Fallon and Kesha jumped out to a huge lead, it looked like they would cruise to an easy victory.

Unfortunately, the NBC late-night personality got a little too cutesy on the last clue, handing the points — and game — to Team Anderson/Gross. Kesha could not have been more disappointed.

Watch the fun and games via the video above.

The singer’s “Rainbow” dropped at midnight, or about a half hour into Thursday’s “Tonight.” Kesha performed “Praying” for the 30 Rock audience — watch that performance here: