Kevin Bacon Reveals to Conan That He Bribes Wedding DJs to Not Play ‘Footloose’ (Video)

So you can stop forming a circle around him on the dance floor, thanks

How much is it worth to Kevin Bacon to never have to do the “Footloose” dance ever again? Twenty bucks, apparently.

During an appearance on Wednesday’s “Conan,” Bacon told the late night host that when he goes to weddings he slips the disc jockey a Hamilton to not play the famous song.

The actor also revelaed that he almost didn’t get the lead role in “Footloose” because the female head of the studio said he wasn’t “F—able.” Fortunately, the male director and producer convinced her that Bacon was.

To prove that he was, indeed, “F-able,” Bacon had to do a series of semi-humiliating muggings for the camera during a screen test.

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But that’s not all! Later in the segment, O’Brien shared a portrait and sculpture of Bacon … made out of bacon. One looks great, the other, not so much.

The video also includes a bonus clip of Bacon’s upcoming film, “R.I.P.D.”

Watch below: