Kevin Bacon PSA Advocates for Full-Frontal Male Nudity in Hollywood (Video)

“Have you seen ‘Wild Things?’ I was super naked in that,” actor argues while asking leading men to #FreeTheBacon

Kevin Bacon is taking up the fight for gender equality by demanding more full-frontal male nudity in movies and on TV.

In a PSA, of sorts, the “Cop Car” star says that the lack of male nudity is not fair to actresses or actors. “Gentlemen, it’s time to free the bacon. And by bacon of course I mean your wiener, your balls, and your butt,” Bacon says, and points to HBO hit “Game of Thrones” as a major culprit of holding men back.

“You got three sex scenes an episode. How hard would it be to show one or two wieners every couple of minutes?” Bacon asks. “Let me be on the show. Come on! I’ll play a naked wizard or something.”

He’s got plenty of experience, too.

“Have you seen ‘Wild Things?’ I was super naked in that,” Bacon continues. “It was awesome. Matt Dillon was there. He saw my wiener. ‘Hollow Man,’ I had an infrared wiener in that.”

He goes on to say that he makes sure to include a nude scene in his contract for every role, but that they often get edited out. “Sore subject, but ‘The Following’ didn’t have a single shot of my penis and now it’s cancelled,” he says, referencing his Fox show that aired for three seasons.

Want to demand change in Hollywood? Bacon encourages people to tweet the hashtag #FreetheBacon if they want to see more male nudity on film and TV.

Watch the video.