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Kevin Hart Responds to Drunken Super Bowl Shenanigans: ‘#AtLeastIDidntPunchaHorse’

Hart tried — and failed — to get on the podium during the Philadelphia Eagles’ victory celebration

After his drunken attempt to join the Philadelphia Eagles for the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation after Sunday’s Super Bowl, hometown native Kevin Hart posted a video on his Instagram page addressing what went down.

“To all the kids out there, I just wanna say, ‘Don’t drink,'” the comedian said. “When alcohol is in your system, you do dumb stuff. Me trying to go on stage with the trophy is definitely in the top two stupidest things I’ve ever done, but who cares? The Eagles won the Super Bowl!”

He noted that his wife, Eniko Parrish, was on the field with him as the Lombardi Trophy was being brought up to the podium and tried to stop him from making a run for it.

Hart says he said, “Beep no, chill out,” and proceeded to rush the stage with cameras broadcasting his attempt — and rejection by a security guard — to a worldwide television audience.

“Man did his job, didn’t he?” Hart joked. “He was like, ‘Kevin Hart, I know who you are, but you can’t go up there,’ and I was like ‘the hell I can’t!'”

But Hart isn’t exactly apologetic for his behavior, simply ending the video by yelling “”Who gives a s—? Go Eagles! Fly Eagles fly! F– it!”

And he added in his Instagram post, “#AtLeastIDidntPunchaHorse.”

Watch Hart’s full Instagram video — and his numerous hashtags on what happened last night — below.