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Here’s How Kevin Hart Says He Was Going to Open the 2019 Oscars (Video)

”Man, I had so much stuff. It was gonna be fire,“ almost-host tells Stephen Colbert

Kevin Hart might be “over” the idea of hosting the Oscars — but that doesn’t mean he’s over how he would have hosted the 2019 Academy Awards.

During an appearance on “The Late Show” Wednesday night, “The Upside” star addressed the situation with Stephen Colbert, who asked him if he would change anything he has said or done over the past month — after old homophobic tweets of his resurfaced and his refusal to apologize/address the issue in the manner in which the Academy would have liked, which led to him losing the Oscars hosting gig.

“No, I wouldn’t change anything.” Hart said, adding: “Right, this is me — I’m over it. I’m just over it. It’s an onion. So no matter how many times you keep peeling it, it’s endless.”

Colbert said he was “curious” to see what Hart would have been like as emcee, to which Hart replied: “I mean, I was gonna be good. I had some stuff. I had some heat.”

Hart showed Colbert some of this “heat” by teasing how he would have opened the 2019 awards show.

“The way I was going to start it off, right, and it actually goes hand in hand with what’s going on now is that we’re so sensitive,” Hart said. “And the whole reason I was going to host the Oscars was to take the tension out of the room. You know, people go to the Oscars but they’re not there to laugh because everybody is waiting for their moment. Everybody is uptight.”

Colbert conceded that it’s “a terrible audience” and hosting is a “thankless job.”

“Nobody can breathe or move,” Hart continued. “The clothes are fitted to perfection. Everybody’s neck is as straight as it can be, and the only thing they know how to do is this when the camera comes,” Hart said, miming a pose so awkward we can’t even describe it, so please see the video above.

“So I was gonna say, ‘Relax, relax.’ Because the one thing that you don’t want to become is a meme. That’s what you don’t want to be.”

“A meme will end your career,” Hart added, before showing Colbert’s audience famous memes of Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, and Denzel Washington that he planned to share during his opening monologue.

“The whole intent behind them would be, ‘You don’t want to be that.’ So relax, loosen up, have a good time. But I was gonna go into like a bunch of crazy bits. Man, I had so much stuff. It was gonna be fire.”

Colbert asked if Hart has any idea who is hosting — seeing as there are reports that no one will be hosting.  “I don’t think I’m on the email list,” the comedian replied, laughing.

Hart then said the CBS late-night staple would be a “great host,” but Colbert doesn’t agree.

“I’ve got too much to apologize for! You got nothing on me,” Colbert said.

Hart has apologized for the resurfaced tweets that included homophobic slurs and explained his reasoning for the way he handled the situation in multiple interviews, including one with Ellen DeGeneres last week. However, he officially told “Good Morning America” Wednesday he has completely ruled out hosting the show.

“At some point you just have to be OK with you,” Hart told Colbert. “I’m OK with me and all of the decisions that I’ve made in my life. This is the decision I’ve made to say, ‘I’m over it. I’m done. That’s it. That’s it.’

Watch the clip above.

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