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Kevin Hart Is More Scared of Bunnies Than You Are of Anything (Video)

Comedian steps on set of the wrong game show

Think about your greatest fear. Now double it. That’s how afraid of bunny rabbits comedian Kevin Hart appeared to be Tuesday during “Tonight Show” game “Hop Quiz.”

Ordinarily on “Hop Quiz,” correctly answering a trivia question earns a player a soft, sweet bunny on his or her lap. The rules had to be reversed last night to accommodate Hart’s weird phobia, which we’re sure was amplified for the cameras. Hey, he’s a good talk-show guest.

At first, the changeup worked in the “Ride Along” star’s favor, and all of the hoppers ended up in host Jimmy Fallon’s lap. Hart’s streak was undone by the final question.

“In March of this year, what animal was elected mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont?” Steve Higgins read off the video board.

The options:
A) Goat
B) Chipmunk
C) Beaver

Fallon reasoned his way through it.

“Vermont, I would say, they have Ben & Jerry’s — a lot of milk, cheese,” he worked out aloud. “I would say A) Goat.”

Ding ding. That correct answer meant not one but TWO bunnies were destined for Hart’s lap. It took a little while for him to work up to courage to sit down and accept the cuddles.

Might wanna get that nice red suit dry-cleaned, Kev.

Ironically, Hart voice stars as fluffy white rabbit named Snowball in “Secret Life of Pets 2.”

Watch the video above.