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Kevin Hart to Google: Please Stop Confusing Me With Bill Cosby

”Ride Along“ star asks search engine to stop showing his picture when people search for scandal-plagued comedian’s net worth. It’s mistaken identity that’s happened with Google before

Kevin Hart would like to get one thing straight: He’s no Bill Cosby.

“Ride Along” actor Hart fired off a tweet to Google on Thursday, asking that the search engine giant please stop including his photo in the search results for Bill Cosby‘s net worth.

Or at least searches conducted by those under the impression that there’s more than one Bill Cosby.

“Oh @google can you please take my picture off of ‘Bills Cosby’s’ net worth search,” the angry — OK, possibly mildly annoyed but mostly just amused — tweet read. “Thanks in advance guys!!!! Appreciate ya.”

The confusion is somewhat understandable: Cosby and Hart are  both comedians, after all.

But there are some key differences. There are a number of decades separating them in age.

And also, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Cosby is worth $400 million, while Hart has to scrape by with a net worth of $45 million.

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Oh, and Hart hasn’t been accused of rape or sexual assault by dozens of women.

Google goof-ups like this have happened before. Last year, the company was prompted to issue an apology after its photo app added photos of dark-skinned people in a folder tagged “Gorillas.”

TheWrap has reached out to Google for comment. They have not yet responded, possibly because they might be struggling with the possibility that their algorithms could possibly be a little bit racist.