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Kevin Spacey Stops Play To Yell At Audience Member Whose Cell Phone Rang

The ”House of Cards“ star calls out a noisy theater-goer in character

Do not disturb Kevin Spacey while he’s working.

The “House of Cards” star was performing the one-man-show “Clarence Darrow” at London’s Old Vic, when a patron’s cell phone suddenly went off, according to a report by the British paper The Independent.

During a pivotal courtroom speech, the audience member’s cell phone’s ring tone rang loudly enough for the whole room to hear.

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Interrupted, the actor remained in character, turned to the audience and exclaimed, “If you don’t answer that, I will!”

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Spacey received a round of applause for his improvisational theatrics; like in “House of Cards,” his breaking of the fourth wall worked out pretty well.