Former Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara Denies Charlotte Kirk’s Accusation of Non-Consensual Sex

“The relationship was pursued by Ms. Kirk and at all times understood by Kevin to be entirely consensual,” his lawyer says

Kevin Tsujihara, Charlotte Kirk

Kevin Tsujihara denies that his past extramarital relationship with actress Charlotte Kirk, which led to his ouster as the CEO of Warner Bros. in March 2019, was anything but consensual, following a report on Thursday that Kirk had accused him of engaging “in non-consensual intercourse.”

In a story published Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter, citing sealed legal documents, Kirk said on Sept. 26, 2013, she met Tsujihara and mogul James Packer at the Hotel Bel-Air. Kirk said that she initially refused to have sex with Tsujihara but was pressured by Packer to do so. THR reported that Kirk said in legal documents, “Fearing for her personal safety, being blacklisted and the destruction of her career before it ever began, she complied with Mr. [Packer’s] demands and engaged in non-consensual intercourse with Mr. [Tsujihara] under duress.”

“The recently published Hollywood Reporter story is comprised of lies and twisted facts, and is outright wrong in many respects,” Bert H. Deixler, Tsujihara’s personal attorney, told TheWrap. “Despite being provided with evidence to refute several purported claims, The Hollywood Reporter recklessly included these blatant falsehoods. Any claims made against Kevin Tsujihara related to Ms. Kirk are legally and factually baseless, manufactured many years after their brief consensual relationship to unjustly seek the payment of money. The relationship was pursued by Ms. Kirk and at all times understood by Kevin to be entirely consensual. While Kevin continues to regret the relationship and the impact it had on his family, he will pursue all legal remedies available to protect himself from extortionate claims and prevent false accusations against him.”

According to THR, Kirk is currently suing her former lawyers and is battling with Marty Singer (who represents Packer, Brett Ratner and Avi Lerner) over an injunction which keeps her from pursuing legal action against any of the parties involved.

Singer, in a lengthy statement to TheWrap, said in part, “My clients are the victims of a multi-million-dollar civil extortion plot perpetrated by Charlotte Kirk, her former boyfriend Joshua Newton and her latest paramour Neil Marshall. After years of ever-evolving and wildly untrue allegations of misconduct in an increasingly outlandish hunt for money, this past Spring, they threatened to smear my clients and they collectively demanded a mindboggling $335 million.”

He continued, “To be clear, these latest allegations are ludicrous, offensive and entirely false. James Packer never behaved in the manner alleged, and, as Kirk herself repeatedly said in multiple television and print interviews that she voluntarily gave, all of her interactions with my clients were fully consensual at all times … Enough is enough. My clients are done with these scheming opportunists and their malicious, defamatory smears – and look forward to putting an end to this menacing plot once and for all.”

In March 2019, Kevin Tsujihara stepped down as chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment amid an ongoing investigation into his past relationship with Kirk, an aspiring actress who was later cast in two Warner Bros. movies. Tsujihara worked at the studio for two decades and served as chairman for six years.

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