‘Key & Peele’ Review: Sketch Duo Skewers Hillary Clinton, Pirates, Football

The two comics are as sharp as ever heading into their show’s fifth season

The season five premiere of “Key & Peele” finds the duo returning to their sharply observed sketch show in fine form, their keen eyes focused on recent news and social events. In the season premiere, President Obama and his anger translator Luther (Key) meet Hillary Clinton (guest star Kate Burton) and her anger translator Savannah (guest star Stephnie Weir.) The sketch is killer great as the two translators trade barbs, effectively showing what their bosses are really thinking. If only we saw this kind of honesty in the real Presidential debates.

Ever since Luther made an appearance at the 2015 White House correspondents’ dinner and the duo appeared in FX’s hit event series “Fargo,” viewers are getting used to seeing both Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele turn up all over the TV landscape. You’ll also see Key in upcoming episodes of USA Network’s comedy “Playing House” which returns August 4th.

When it comes to their sketch work, it’s pretty much impossible to put “Key & Peele” in a box. While there are recurring characters such as Luther, as well as Meegan and Andre that give viewers the comfort of familiarity, the duo is constantly exploring and playing on themes such as racism, class clashes, and political correctness. Check out the sketch with politically correct pirates as they try to sing pirate songs that are inoffensive. There’s also a sketch with absurdly violent professional football players beating up on each other while psyching themselves up for a game.

Key and Peele  remain two of the smartest and most ruthlessly honest comedic voices working today. Too smart to go for cheap shots, they examine an issue and then turn it on its head or find a way to play the absurdity. After an episode of “Key & Peele,” not only do you laugh, but you feel like your brain was fed. It’s like taking a comedy vitamin.

This summer, the TV schedule is chock full of terrific shows and as expected, you can add the new season of “Key & Peele,” which premieres Wednesday night on Comedy Central, to that list.