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Kid Reporter Jaden Jefferson Says He Wants to Interview Trump

The 11-year-old interviewed Elizabeth Warren in July

11-year-old Ohioan Jaden Jefferson interviewed presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren earlier in the summer, but during a Friday appearance on “Ellen,” he revealed he’d like the chance to speak to the White House’s former and current occupants, too.

Asked by host Ellen DeGeneres who he’d like to interview next, he singled former vice president Joe Biden out of the sea of current candidates and said he knows former president Barack Obama isn’t running this time around, but he’d “love to interview him.”

“Honestly, I want to interview the president because I have questions there, as well,” said Jefferson, whose Warren interview and persistent presence at press gaggles earned him a CNN appearance.

DeGeneres asked what he’d ask President Donald Trump and he responded, “My first question would want to know, you know, some of the things that he has posted on Twitter and the world has seen — some of ‘em which weren’t very appropriate — so I really want to ask, go deep there and ask.”

DeGeneres told the young reporter she hopes he gets the chance to do that very soon and he closed out his segment on the show by talking about the importance of unity and respect between people of differing ideologies.