Kid Rock’s WWE Hall of Fame Induction Has Fans Wrestling With Disappointment

Critic wonders why “disgusting lizard man” is being inducted before Fred Durst

Kid Rock
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Congratulations, Kid Rock; you’re being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Now the bad news: Judging from the reaction on Twitter, you might be one of the few people who’s pumped about the induction.

The WWE announced Monday that the “Devil Without a Cause” musician and former pretend political aspirant would be the celebrity inductee to its Hall of Fame for the class of 2018.

The decision put many viewers’ brains in a choke-hold, as they grappled with the decision on social media.

Many critics of the choice offered their thoughts on more deserving candidates for the induction.

“Kid Rock in the Hall of Fame before Chyna and Owen Hart? All kid Rock did was sing Takers American Badass theme,” one detractor observed.

“Lemmy, Cyndi Lauper and Muhammad Ali aren’t in the WWE Hall of Fame. Kid Rock will be in three weeks. What the actual f—?” went another lament.

“They’re. Inducting. Kid. Rock. Into. The. WWE. Hall. Of. Fame. Before. Chyna. Let that sink in. Also, no regrets so far over missing this year’s Mania, so good job WWE,” another unsatisfied customer wrote.

Another non-fan likened the musician to — ouch! — a “disgusting lizard man” and suggested that — double-ouch! — Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst is a more worthy recipient of the honor.

“1) kid rock is a disgusting lizard man & he deserves nothing more than to be trapped at the bottom of a well with nothing but malort to nourish him,” the response read. “2) how dare they induct this jerkoff before the great FRED DURST. he was in a wwe video game. should be automatic induction.”

“Another year and still no celebrity induction for Andy Kaufman. yet we get s—heads like Kid Rock into the hall of fame. Andy should’ve been in in one of the first classes. the guy loved and respected the business. hell he didn’t even cash his check from Jarrett,” yet another critic griped.

We’d make a “Let’s get ready to grumble” crack here, but clearly Twitter users are already on it.

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