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Killed Kirkus Reviews Not Dead Quite Yet

Editor asks book publishers to send galleys

When Nielsen decided to fold Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews, the outcry was quickly evident, especially for the 108-year-old E&P. But book publishers – who saw plenty of book reviews sections axed from newspapers in 2009 – have been clamoring for 76-year-old Kirkus to make a comeback, too.

Some good news on that front was delivered by managing editor and nonfiction editor Eric Liebetrau, who sent an e-mail to publishers asking them to “please begin sending galleys to the appropriate editors immediately. We will publish a second issue in January, and then reassess the situation and hopefully continue publication in February and beyond.”

An official sale announcement, Liebetrau said, is still a couple weeks away.

Meanwhile, former Editor & Publisher staffers have launched a blog — dubbed "E&P in Exile" — and say there is still interest from a number of potential buyers but no agreement to speak of — yet: “There appears to be a fairly good chance that Editor & Publisher will resume but we cannot say when or in precisely what form."

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