Killer Mike Ripped for ‘Uterus Doesn’t Qualify You to Be President’ Comment

Rapper and Bernie Sanders supporter says he was only repeating a statement about Hillary Clinton by a progressive woman

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Bernie Sanders supporter Killer Mike is defending himself after using the phrase “a uterus doesn’t qualify you to be president,”a remark that was widely seen as sexist against Hillary Clinton, but that the rapper says was taken out of context.

The issue has gained traction as Sanders and Clinton fight to win over African-American voters in the South Carolina primary, and Sanders’ campaign has tried to avoid any hint of sexism. Killer Mike has become known as one of the most progressive voices in hip-hop for his nuanced takes on police shootings, income inequality globalization, and other issues.

During a speech hosted by Sanders at Morehouse College in Atlanta on Tuesday, the rapper referred to Clinton as “the other Democrat” and says she seems to advocate a slower approach on social issues than Sanders.

“When people tell us, ‘Hold on, wait awhile.’ And that’s what the other Democrat is telling you,” Killer Mike said. ” ‘Hold on, Black Lives Matter. Just wait awhile.’ ‘Hold on, young people in this country, just wait awhile.’ And then, and then she — she get good, she have your own mama come to you. Your own mama say to you, ‘Well, you’re a woman.’ … But I talked to Jane Elliott a few weeks ago, and Jane said, ‘Michael, a uterus doesn’t qualify you to be president of the United States. You have to be — you have to have policy that’s reflective of social justice.’”

His comment sparked outrage on Twitter, where many called the remark sexist. But the rapper defended himself by saying he was simply repeating a statement by Elliot — an educator who is best known for her “brown eyes/blue eyes” experiment, which she used to teach her students about racial discrimination.

“C’mon mike this sexism isn’t cute,” one fan tweeted at him.

“But I didn’t say that a progressive activist woman said to me,” he replied.

A few minutes later, Killer Mike tweeted, “So Women are being told to not vote Hillary is sex betrayal & Becuz another progressive woman says something disagreeing I’m sexist. Lmfao.”

See his tweets below.