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‘Killing Eve': Sandra Oh Explains What the Shocking Finale Means for Season 3

”It was worth the risk“ saying ”no“ to Villanelle, Oh tells Entertainment Weekly

[SPOILER! Stop if you haven’t seen the “Killing Eve ” Season 2 finale, “Mine,” but plan to]

The title character of BBC America’s “Killing Eve,” played by Sandra Oh, has spent most of Season 2 making more than questionable decisions to disastrous effect — no more evident than during Sunday night’s finale.

The end of Sunday’s episode finds Eve face down in the middle of ancient ruins, bleeding from a bullet in the back thanks to everyone’s favorite assassin psychopath, Villanelle. And that raises a lot of questions about Eve’s future, which we know there is one seeing as the show has already been renewed for a third season.

Oh, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, said they haven’t begun working on the third season and are still figuring out some details that would reveal Eve’s status. Is she dead? Dying? Faking? How has killing Raymond affected her psyche? And what’s up with her relationship with Villanelle now?

“I totally understand that question, because even as the third season is forming, that is a question. What was Villanelle thinking at that moment? Was she really wanting to kill her? Was she not? We have not yet decided,” Oh told EW. “I will say the blood is coming from a certain area, and I think that we may move that around, the area of the shot. [Laughs.] All that stuff is really being creatively decided right now. What is the meaning of where she shot her? Obviously, it’s somewhere in her back, and in her body, but where it is and how close to the kill. I want to answer this question…  next year. I have an idea, but we haven’t shot it yet.”

Villanelle fired the potentially fatal shot after Eve learns she had been manipulated into hacking Raymond to pieces earlier in the finale and, understandably, rejects the notion of running away with her. Eve turns her back to walk away and, well, “Killing Eve” fans know Villanelle doesn’t take it too well when she doesn’t get her way.

Oh said that Eve was “profoundly saying ‘no'” to Villanelle, and it was worth it to do so. “It was worth the risk because she was saying ‘no’ to Villanelle and she was walking away from her,” Oh told EW. “In that way, that demonstrates growth — at least for Eve’s part.”

“If Eve survives — it’s tricky because we haven’t shot it — but I would imagine we know each other so much better now it would be like, ‘Of course you shot me. Of course she tried to kill me,'” she continued. “But honestly, in the beat before the shot happens, there’s something in Eve that I think knows that it could happen, but she’s willing to walk away from that dynamic.”

That is, of course, the main question. — will Eve survive? And if she does, what state might she be in? Some people have posited that, like Hugo earlier in the episode, Eve is simply “playing dead.” The position of the bullet certainly didn’t seems deadly. But Oh stamped that theory out pretty definitively.

“No. The moments after that, I can’t really comment because it would be the next season. Anything after that shot is really for the next season. If I were to guess, right now, no, she’s not playing dead,” Oh said. “Either she is dead, or she’s lying there shot. And bleeding to death.”