ICYMI: Kim Kardashian Divided Selena Fans With Her Halloween Costume

“DONT EVER disrespect my queen again!!” one detractor says, though the reality TV personality did have her share of supporters

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Maybe Kim Kardashian should just pass on the whole costume thing next Halloween.

Reality TV personality Kardashian, who rankled Twitter users by masquerading as deceased singer Aaliyah this year, similarly divided fans when she also channeled slain Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla on Tuesday.

Kardashian posted a number of images of herself wrapped in a purple outfit like one associated with Quintanilla on Wednesday, including a video of herself appearing to sing.

Reaction was mixed among fans of Quintanilla, who was fatally shot by her employee Yolanda Saldívar in 1995.

“DONT EVER disrespect my queen again!!” one detractor admonished.

“Man she needs to get the eff on!!! I normally don’t care what this female does but this triggered me. No sis, try again!” read another criticism.

“Why even try when you don’t know anything about her or even her songs its a disgrace even coming from her,” went another response.

To be sure, Kardashian had her share of supporters.

“I love Selena always have… I’m not pissed soooooo,” read one defense.

“She can dress up as whoever she wants stop making everything about cultural appropriation please,” another pro-Kardashian response read.

“Everyone who is offended by this is a joke. It’s Halloween how is this offensive? She dressed up as a singer just like half the world did,” read another response.

Kardashian’s approximation of R&B legend Aaliyah — who died at 22 in a place crash in 2001 — was met with a similarly mixed response.

“The audacity,” read one response to Kardashian’s Aaliyah get-up.

“Yuck,” went another blunt assessment.

However, as with the Selena costume, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star also had her supporters.

“Well, I’m black & I say go ahead & rock it @KimKardashian! We all love Aaliyah – it’s your right to show off her look & let her legacy live!” read a supportive comment.

“Let her be and dress up as the one who inspired and influenced her the most at this stage of her life,” another Kardashian booster wrote.