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Kim Kardashian’s Jackie O-Themed Photo Shoot Draws Fire on Twitter: ‘Absurd and Inappropriate’

”Jackie Kennedy did not watch her husband get assassinated for this photoshoot to happen,“ one critic fumes

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Kim Kardashian and Interview magazine drew social-media fire on Monday, after revealing a photo shoot that compared the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star to former First Lady Jacqueline Onassis.

The cover photo features Kardashian done up in a classis Jackie O. look with her dauhter North West, along with the declaration “America’s New First Lady.”

The prospect of the reality TV personality taking the place of a beloved American icon sat poorly, to say the least, among many commenters on the Interview tweet unveiling the image.

“Everything about this feels wrong,” wrote one commenter.

“It’s disgusting you would compare someone who was actually tasteful,respectful and great to someone who became famous for scking d**k,” asserted another.

Yet another critic deemed the image “absurd and inappropriate.”

“Jackie Kennedy did not watch her husband get assassinated for this photoshoot to happen. F–k,” read another reply.

“It’s very offensive to all prior First Ladies to identify a glorified reality as America’s First Lady,” another detractor offered.

“I’m genuinely appalled. This is easily Top 3 most ludicrous thing to happen in the media in 2017. Who is RUNNING this RAG??” asked another.

Yet other commenters focused on the fact that Kardashian’s skin tone appeared to have been darkened to closer match her daughter’s.

“Why is she in black face???” one responder offered.

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