Kim Kardashian’s Virgin Mary Depiction Blasted as ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Disrespectful’

“What’s next, Kanye on a cross? ” one critic fumes after reality TV star portrays herself as religious icon

kim kardashian
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Kim Kardashian might want to say a few Hail Marys, because she’s caused an unholy outrage with a tweet this week.

The “Keeping Up the Kardashians” star rattled the faithful on Thursday, after tweeting an image of one of her emojis — or, as they’re known in Kardashian-land, Kimojis.

The Kimoji depicted the reality TV star and sex-video veteran as the Virgin Mary, on the side of a candle.

The candle image caused many Twitter users to burn with outrage.

“That is the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen,” read one sample comment.

“These ‘candles’ are used for prayer for the catholic religion. That’s why it’s disrespectful to many,” another responder explained.

“If you have no boundaries, at least show respect for other people’s religion,” another critic advised Kardashian.

“You are ridiculous to think of yourself as the Blessed Mother,” yet another detractor scoffed.

“No, Kim! NO! This is NOT ok! What’s next, Kanye on a cross? (I better not give you ideas!) Stay in your lane,” went yet another complaint.

“Mad disrespectful,” another angry comment read.

“Kim, take this down.. you and your husband need to stop thinking you guys are gods,” another critic demanded.

Way to start a flame war, Kim.

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