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Kimmel Calls Trump ‘A Special Kind of Son of a Bitch’ for His Ukraine Stance and Putin Praise (Video)

Trump has repeatedly praised Putin while also using the invasion of Ukraine as an excuse to keep spreading falsehoods about the 2020 election

Unsurprisingly, on Thursday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Jimmy Kimmel talked a lot about the war in Ukraine, which is currently fighting an apparent losing battle against Russian invaders. And one thing that really set him off is the ghoulish way Donald Trump has been reacting to the whole thing.

Kimmel slammed the ex-president for “complimenting [Putin]. And, of course, himself,” calling Trump “a special kind of son of a bitch” during his monologue.

“You know, typically, we would band together in a situation like this. We’d be united,” Kimmel said when he got to talking about the war. “But that was before the great divider chopped us in half.”

“While Vladmir Putin is being condemned by leaders and ambassadors from every democratic country around the world, Donald Trump, our former president, was complimenting him. And, of course, himself,” Kimmel continued. “While bombs were falling on a country that did nothing to provoke an invasion, Trump called in to Fox to say ‘never would have happened if I was in charge.’”

Kimmel played a clip from Trump’s Fox News hit, then added, “It takes a special kind of son of a bitch to see innocent people fleeing their homes and think ‘How can I make this about me?’ But nobody does that better than Donald Trump.”

Kimmel then played a follow up clip of Trump on Fox once again lying about the 2020 election — falsely claiming it was “rigged” — and claiming that was why Putin invaded Ukraine.

“Well, that makes sense. This would never have happened were it not for the rigged election I made-up one year ago,” Kimmel responded after playing the clip. “Can you blame something real on something fake? That’s like blaming chicken pox on the tooth fairy. It doesn’t make sense.”

Kimmel noted the rising casualties in Ukraine, and then noted that “not only hasn’t Trump condemned Putin, Tsar-A-Lago has been praising his KGBFF. He called him a ‘genius.’ He called what he’s doing ‘wonderful.’ He keeps defending Putin, which is embarrassing at this point. He’s never gonna date you, dude. Give it up.”  

“There is nothing good you can say about Vladimir Putin. I mean really, there’s nothing. He’s a terrible person.” Kimmel continued. “But Trump went ahead and did it again last night.”

Kimmel then played a clip of Trump speaking at a Mar-a-Lago event Wednesday night where he literally praised Putin for getting a good bang for the buck on the invasion of Ukraine, and once again suggested this wouldn’t be happening if he were president.

“This idea that Trump would somehow be able to wrangle Vladmir Putin is very rich. Let’s just say that,” Kimmel joked before playing a clip from 2018 in which Trump literally said that his plan for dealing with Putin was “‘Can you just do me a favor? Would you just get out of Ukraine? You shouldn’t be there.’ Just come on.”  

“Great idea,” Kimmel joked. “Joe Biden should just say, ‘Could you just do me a favor? Would you just get out?’ Why didn’t anyone think about that? Just make a perfect call and it’ll all be over with.”

Kimmel concluded the depressing topic with this apt observation: “Can you imagine if any other president behaved this way? This would be like if during World War II, Hoover came out and said, ‘Atta boy, Adolf! Sweet mustache! I love what you’re doing there.’

Watch the whole monologue above now.

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