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Kimmel Compares Success of Marjorie Taylor Greene to a Herpes Outbreak (Video)

Kimmel also reminds people of the federal investigation Congressman Matt Gaetz is facing

On Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel spent some time indulging his ongoing beef with extreme right wing congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, whose political success he essentially compared herpes.

Kimmel began the bit, which came late in his monologue, by reminding people that Greene is a supporter of the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection, which she also argues is no big deal because it happened only one time.

“Right. One time. If it happens again, we’ll look at it,” Kimmel joked. “I feel like Marjorie Taylor Greene is a phenomenon that could’ve been prevented with a high enough dose of Valtrex.” Valtrex being a prescription drug used to treat the symptoms of herpes.

Kimmel then noted that over the weekend, Greene appeared on “a podcast hosted by the disgraced, but-still-going Congressman Matt Gaetz,” where the two complained at length about him. Kimmel began with a clip in which Gaetz called Kimmel “a total jerk.”

“OK, go on,” Kimmel said while chuckling at the insult.

Next he showed a longer version of clip where Gaetz said, “Jimmy Kimmel is a total jerk, and it seems that his trend is to attack women, which is particularly troubling.”

“Says the guy who is currently under federal investigation for sex trafficking, obstructing justice, and paying for sex with a 17-year-old girl,” Kimmel responded (Gaetz has denied such allegations). “But keep going — I want to see where this is headed.”

Then Kimmel ran a follow up clip in which Gaetz said, “His critiques of particularly [Marjorie Taylor Greene] and our colleague Lauren Boebert are highly gendered critiques, right? Because he’s, ‘Oh you’re a Klan mom, right?’ So like he’s attacking you as a mom, as a woman. And he attacks Lauren Boebert and says ‘She looks like stepmom porn.’ See how he does that?”

“No, that’s not fair at all,” Kimmel responded, addressing Gaetz directly. “I make jokes about men too. I make jokes about you. In fact, remember when I said I feel bad for you because you didn’t have a girlfriend in high school, until you were 30?”

“Remember when I said your political background will come in handy when you’re a registered sex offender, because you’re used to knocking on strangers’ doors to introduce yourself?” Kimmel continued. “You remember those things. Apology accepted, Matt.”