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Kimmel Demonstrates Again How Trump Speeches Could Improve if He Wore a Coronavirus Mask (Video)

It involves overdubbing

Last Updated: April 29, 2020 @ 7:15 AM

As he did several weeks ago, on Tuesday Jimmy Kimmel once again made his case for the idea that Trump’s presidency could be dramatically improved if he’d only wear a mask, as medical professionals have urged people to do in order to stem the spread of coronavirus. Of course, Kimmel’s contention is that it would make it easier for people to dub in public remarks that don’t freak people out.

The topic came up during Kimmel’s latest quarantine monologue. Kimmel was talking about the baffling decision by Vice President Mike Pence to disregard medical advice and the explicit policies of the Mayo Clinic when he visited the clinic and refused to wear a mask, even when speaking to actual coronavirus patients. Pence later said he didn’t wear a mask because he wanted to look health care workers “in the eye,” which makes no sense, as medical face masks don’t cover the eyes.

After suggesting that Pence likely does this unsafe thing to emulate Trump, Kimmel joked “maybe Mike Pence just wants to catch it already, and be put out of his misery.” Then he turned his attention to Trump, saying “the president, as you know, refuses to wear a mask, which is a shame because if his mouth was covered with a mask, we could help him with his press conferences a lot.”

Then Kimmel rolled a clip of Trump speaking during a press conference, but doctored so it looks like he was wearing a mask. And of course, new spoken lines were dubbed in.

“OK everybody, I’m going to make this very simple. Stay inside, don’t drink bleach, and listen to doctors because I have no idea how the human body works,” the dubbed-over Trump said. “I can’t even find my penis anymore. Now go wash your hands, and vote for Joe Biden so I can go home and play some godd—ed golf.”

Watch the whole clip above. The dubbed over Trump speech comes in near the very end.