Jimmy Kimmel Identifies the Exact Reason Facebook Can Never Be Stopped (Video)

It’s your fault, guys

Whether intentionally or not, it’s become difficult to disagree with the contention that Facebook has done a lot of damage to the world. But if you’re hoping there might be a solution, Jimmy Kimmel is here to disappoint you.

Unless you are all willing to stop cyberstalking your exes, of course. Because the ABC host put the blame squarely on us Facebook users who keep coming back to the site even as we increasingly know about its harmful effects on society — and us.

Kimmel was inspired by the latest Facebook news, the publication of new internal documents showing that Facebook was aware its algorithm tended to foment and foster right wing extremism at least as far back as 2019, and also that the company had a hard time dealing with people who used it to organize the Jan. 6 insurrection.

“‘The Facebook Papers’ — which is what they’re being called — provide an unprecedented view into how executives at the social media giant weigh trade-offs between public safety and their own bottom line,” Kimmel said. “Turns out they weigh them incorrectly.”

“Mark Zuckerberg told Congress last year — he said the company removes 94% of the hate speech it finds. But researchers discovered Facebook was actually removing less than five percent of hate speech. And you know how they discovered this? They went on Facebook,” Kimmel continued.

“I don’t know. Are we surprised by this?  Finding out ‘What did Facebook know?’ Let me clear it up for you what Facebook knows. They know everything. They know your Social Security number. They know where you live. They know what you’re having for lunch,” Kimmel Added.

“They know the winners of the next five Super Bowls. They’re basically SPECTRE,” Kimmel said, referring to the James Bond enemies. And that’s when he identified why Facebook is here to stay.

“But we can’t stop! Because we have to monitor the weight of our former love interests,” As people use to say, where’s the lie?

Kimmel also poked fun at the latest news connected to the Jan. 6 insurrection, and the thing he found most amusing is the idea that Donald Trump would ever pardon his supporters.

First though, Kimmel spent his monologue talking about some sports news. First, the L.A. Dodgers failing to advance to the World Series (sorry, guys). Then Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown ball. Then the continuing saga of anti-vaxx NBA player Kyrie Irving.