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Kimmel Imagines a New Filter for Trump Now That Snapchat Has Stopped Promoting Him (Video)

Shocker: KImmel makes fun of POTUS

During his monologue Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel took a moment to talk about the weird and unexpected news this week that Snapchat will no longer promote Donald Trump’s account, and proceeded to imagine a new filter for Trump’s account since he “refuses to filter himself.”

For those catching up, on Wednesday the social media company announced it is “not currently promoting the President’s content on Snapchat’s Discover platform. We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice by giving them free promotion on Discover.” Trump remains able to use Snapchat otherwise.

The move came a week after Twitter made the unprecedented decision to place a content warning on some of Trump’s tweets in which he celebrated the use of violence against protesters by quoting a phrase from the 1960s, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” that is widely understood to be a racist dog whistle. (Trump denies any racist intent.)

Trump raged against Twitter for the decision, calling it an attack on his free speech — despite the fact that the tweet wasn’t deleted and Trump has not been removed from Twitter. And that was Kimmel’s way into the Snapchat discussion.

“This is interesting. Someone came up with a very clever way to debunk the president’s claim that his free speech is being targeted for censorship on Twitter. A guy started posting the president’s tweet’s last week, verbatim from his own account, he just cut and paste what the president tweeted. And guess what happened: He got suspended for violating Twitter’s rules against glorifying violence,” Kimmel said.

“Meanwhile, Snapchat has now announced that they will no longer promote the president’s account, because they believe his comments could incite violence,” Kimmel continued. “Raise your hand if you’re just learning now that the president is on Snapchat.”

That’s when Kimmel got to the joke about the filter. “Since the president refuses to filter himself, Snapchat is also now adding a filter for him.” Kimmel then cut to a clip from Trump’s recent interview with Sean Spicer, only this time, a filter on the video made Trump look and sound like a baby. And at the end of the clip, the filter’s name was revealed to be “Baby Donny.”

There’s plenty more, and you can watch the whole thing above. (The Snapchat jokes start about 3 minutes in.