Kimmel Is Amused at How Selfish Trump’s Limbaugh Tribute Was: ‘There’s No ‘I’ in Eulogy’ (Video)

“Listening to Trump blather on nonsensically about himself is what Rush would have wanted,” Kimmel jokes

On Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel was quite amused by Donald Trump’s tribute to right-wing radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, who died earlier in the day at age 70 following a battle with cancer. But, Kimmel said, Trump’s self-centered remarks were pretty much on brand for the disgraced former president.

When it comes to any subject other than his presidency Trump can’t help but steer the conversation to himself, Kimmel said, referring to an appearance by Trump on Fox News where he briefly addressed Limbaugh’s death, but then started repeating the same old lies about the 2020 election he used to incite the deadly Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6.

“After 27 days in hiding, Trump called into Fox News today — to talk about his friend Rush Limbaugh, who died. And what a beautiful tribute it was,” Kimmel said (with audible sarcasm) before rolling a clip.

“I think we won substantially, and Rush thought we won and he thought it was over at 10:00, 10:30 [election night],” Trump said on Fox. “A lot of other people feel that way, but Rush felt that way strongly.”

When the clip ended, Kimmel joked that the next words out of the former president’s mouth could have been, “anyway, who died again?”

“There’s no ‘I’ in eulogy, Don,” Kimmel added.

Kimmel also pointed out that the Fox crew did try to keep Trump on the subject of Limbaugh — asking Trump if Limbaugh ever told him what role he’d like to see Trump take on next in politics. But nothing could keep Trump’s one-track mind from diverting back to the 2020 election.

“It’s not like the Fox crew didn’t try. They did everything possible to tee him up to talk about Rush, but somehow, it kept coming back to the election that he still thinks he won,” Kimmel said. “Well, I have to believe that listening to Trump blather on nonsensically about himself is what Rush would have wanted.”

Trump did say on Fox News that he thought Limbaugh was a “a just totally brilliant guy” and added, “it was something very special to know him.” That’s likely because Limbaugh was one of the loudest voices deepening the political divide in the country on behalf of Trump; up until his death Limbaugh was also still spreading lies about the election.

Check out Kimmel’s full monologue from tonight’s show above.


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