Kimmel Is Delighted by the List of Trump-Era Words Biden Is Ditching (Video)

Obviously he added a few suggestions of his own

Jimmy Kimmel says he’s relieved by one way the Biden administration is already differentiating itself from Trump’s  — by changing the vocabulary in the White House. And in his opening monologue Wednesday night Kimmel had a few dozen hilarious suggestions for other Trump-related words and phrases Biden should ditch.

You can read more about how Biden is changing things here, but the gist. as reported by the New York Times is that Biden is abandoning terms that represent Trump’s “anti-immigration, anti-science and anti-gay rights policies and replacing them with words and pictures that are more inclusive and better match the current president’s sensibilities.”

Among them, as Kimmel noted in his monologue, is the phrase “illegal alien,” which Biden has proposed be replaced with “noncitizen.”

“Which isn’t entirely accurate – everyone is a citizen of someplace,” Kimmel said, “but it makes sense – ‘people’ aren’t ‘illegal’ – and that’s just part of a long list of words and phrases they have put to rest.”

Then Kimmel jumped into it, providing a list of words we’re pretty sure aren’t on Biden’s list but, in addition to being funny, accurately depict just how awful Trump and his administration were. Also, plenty of dunking on Trump’s kids.

Check out the full list of Trump phrases Biden won’t be using — according to Kimmel — below, and watch the full monologue in the video at the top of the page.

“Fake News”
China Virus
Perfect Call
Lock her up
Extra Crispy
Crazy Nancy
My Stupid Son Eric
My Stupid Son Don
Tell Eric I’m not here
Tell Don I Died
Where’s Hunter?
Hamberders (hamburgers)
Put Jared On It
bring me my sharpie
Get Me My Hair Cement
Tim Apple
How hot is my daughter?
“one of the wettest we’ve seen from the standpoint of water”
Very fine people
“Haters and losers”
big, beautiful wall
Bing bong bing bong
Everyone is saying
Get Lou Dobbs On The Phone!
Baby steps, but progress is being made.


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