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Kimmel Is Glad We ‘Only Have to Worry About a Deadly Pandemic’ Now That Trump’s Gone (Video)

Kimmel also invites Rufus Wainwright to sing a song about Joe Biden’s predecessor

Like a lot of you out there, Jimmy Kimmel was still pretty happy about the start of the Biden administration on Thursday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel” live, celebrating “our first full day of Trumplessness” where “it feels good to only have to worry about a deadly pandemic all day.”

This included some discussion about how the new president compares to previous president, plus a lot of jokes about that previous president, including some pretty good puns inspired by how much Donald Trump lies.

After a bit where he asked Alexa about Trump’s current status, he went into Day 2 of the Biden era. Starting with that joke about the pandemic, Kimmel also nodded to just how much he has talked about Trump. “It is kind of sad how much of my life – and brain space and energy I spent focused on this awful, selfish con man for the past five years,” Kimmel said. “Paying attention to every stupid thing he said, every dumb move or horrible policy he came up with. I don’t have a joke for that I just wanted to point out how sad it is.”

Kimmel told some jokes about what he imagines it’s like for the Bidens to move into the White House, and about Biden’s star-studded inaugural party, joking that it all felt calming seeing all those familiar faces “because this is kind of like a spin-off Presidency. Joe Biden was one of the most beloved supporting characters from the Obama Administration – and now he’s got his own show. Basically, this is the “Frasier” of Presidencies,” Kimmel said.

After running down several of Biden’s first acts as president, Kimmel drew a specific comparison between Biden and Trump. “I have to say – with all these problems, it makes you wonder how Joe Biden is gonna find time to watch five hours of Rachel Maddow every day,” referring to Trump’s well-known habit of watching hours and hours of Fox News. “That’s what presidents do, right?”

He also had a lot of fun at the expense of QAnon fanatics who were extremely disappointed when Trump failed to make their delusions come true. And Kimmel ended the monologue with two bits. First, he brought up an astonishing Washington Post analysis that during his 4 years in office, Trump told 30,573 lies. And that’s where the good puns came in.

“He averaged 21 lies a day! He is the greatest liar of all-time,” Kimmel said. “He is B.S. Elliot. He is Lies A Minelli. Hoax Hogan. Fiberace. Dupe A Lipa!”

Then, he introduced singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright, who performed a song about all of the insulting nicknames Kimmel has ever used against Donald Trump.

Watch the whole thing above.

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