Kimmel Laughs About MAGA Riot Arrests: ‘The First Recorded Case of Selfie-Incrimination’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel joked that using dating apps to catch insurrectionists was “like shooting catfish in a barrel”

Some of Trump’s supporters who rioted and broke into the Capitol Jan. 6 are making it easy for law enforcement to round them up with the help of social media, and Jimmy Kimmel had plenty of jokes about the definitely not smooth criminals in his most recent episode of “Jimmy Kimmel live.”

Over 150 people have been charged so far for being a part of the insurrection, which left five dead. The FBI, which is leading investigations, said its received over 200,000 pieces of photo or video evidence of the crimes — partly because a lot of the rioters’ families and friends are turning them in.

“The tips are pouring in,” Kimmel said during his monologue. “One of the reasons why (the FBI has) been able to identify the people in the photos and videos is because many of them posted the pictures on social media themselves. Like a burglar who stops to sign the guest book before he makes away.”

As an example, Kimmel mentioned a riot suspect named Garrett Miller, who also is accused of calling for the assassination of New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “According to the FBI – Garrett posted a 14-second video, with the caption ‘From inside congress.’” Kimmel said. “And to put the icing on the idiot cake – he posted a photo of himself in Congress – on his Facebook page.”

And not only that, Kimmel noted that Miller replied to a person on Facebook who asked if he was really there by saying, “just wanted to incriminate myself a little lol.”

“I think that’s the first recorded case of selfie-incrimination,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel also mentioned a suspect currently known only as “Melissa,” who rented an Airbnb in the D.C. area and told the host she was coming to town for vacation. The property owner, a self-described “die-hard Democrat,” said she was recorded on security cameras with friends bragging about participating in the riot and subsequently left a very bad review.

“When Melissa booked my Airbnb, she claimed it was for a ‘history sightseeing trip’ but instead she and her guests made history by participating in the most horrific attack on our democracy,” the host wrote. “I wouldn’t recommend renting to Melissa.”

Kimmel thought that was funny and joked, “Sorry Melissa – your next vacation rental will have bars on it.”

Then Kimmel touched on one of the most unusual report since the deadly insurrection. “Some women are using dating apps to catch these dopes,” Kimmel said. “A friend of a friend changed her preference on Bumble to Conservative. She’s matching with MAGA bros and they’re bragging and sending her pics and videos of them in the Capitol. She’s sending them to the FBI.”

This, Kimmel said, is “like shooting catfish in a barrel.”

Check out Kimmel’s full monologue from tonight’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below.


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