Kimmel Likens Marjorie Taylor Greene’s 27-Year Marriage to Prison: ‘Judge Shaved 3 Years Off for Good Behavior’ (Video)

The controversial congresswoman’s husband filed for divorce Wednesday

Claiming their marriage is “irretrievably broken,” Marjorie Taylor Greene’s husband, Perry Greene, filed for divorce from the controversial congresswoman on Wednesday – and Jimmy Kimmel had jokes at the ready by the time Thursday night’s monologue came around.

Filming live from Brooklyn, Kimmel broke into the topic of Greene’s publicly crumbling marriage by citing her ties to former President Donald Trump.

“I thought this was interesting: One of Trump’s most loyal ‘MAGAts’ is Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Kimmel said, which earned a lone “boo” from the audience. “She’s getting divorced! Her husband, Perry Greene, filed for divorce yesterday after 27 years.”

The audience applauded the news before Kimmel got his punchline in.

“His original sentence was 30 years, but the judge shaved three years off for good behavior,” he said.

And the bit continued: “In the space where he had to state the reason for divorce, he wrote, ‘I am married to Marjorie Taylor Greene.’”

Again, applause erupted through the theater.

While mocking someone as their marriage dissolves may seem like a low blow, this is hardly the first time Kimmel – and much of late night, for that matter – has taken aim at Taylor Greene. Nor has such animosity gone unreciprocated by the Georgian representative.

Taylor Greene even went so far last April as claiming she’d reported Kimmel to the Capitol Police for an alleged “threat of violence” – which the late night host responded to by jokingly reporting her to the Justice League.

In other words, these two have not been fans of one another for a long time.

Watch Kimmel’s full monologue from Thursday in the video above.