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Kimmel Mocks Republicans Who Complained About Capitol Metal Detector: ‘What Are You Trying to Sneak in?’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel also weighs in on all the other drama from today in monologue

In his latest monologue, Jimmy Kimmel breezed through what turned out to be a day full of drama, touching on the rapidly changing impeachment situation as well as the lingering damage from the deadly riots incited last week by Donald Trump. But he also took a minute to make fun of Republicans who are refusing to comply with new security at the Capitol.

Some background: Following the Trump-inspired seditious violence in which thousands of his supporters invaded and then ransacked the Capitol building, metal detectors have been installed there. Unfortunately, quite a few congressional Republicans are outright refusing to comply with the new security, forcing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to impose fines.

“They beefed up the security at the Capitol today – because of the whole angry mob thing last week – so now – lawmakers have to go through a metal detector on the way into work,” Kimmel said. “And some of them are pretty – are mad about it.”

“Jim Jordan was whining that it violated his constitutional rights. Hey, Jim – just do what you normally do when something’s being violated – look the other way,” Kimmel joked, referring to accusations that the Ohio Republican helped conceal the sexual abuse of wrestlers at Ohio State University. (To be clear, Jordan denies this.)

“Not to mention the irony – that American school kids – have to do this every day because they refuse to act on gun control,” Kimmel continued. “But that was lost entirely – on the human bedbug slash Congressman known as Devin Nunes.”

Kimmel then played a clip in which Nunes said: “I’m not joking, when you talk about the fall of the Soviet Union, what did they do, they started to crack down, started to crack down on people. And that’s what you see here, they’re not allowing even Republicans to offer amendments [to the impeachment article]. Now we have to go through magnetometers to get checked before we go on the House floor, that was a new thing tonight, as if we’re criminals.”

“As if you’re not,” Kimmel said chuckling, likely alluding to the worries expressed by many members of congress that the Trump rioters may have had help from Congressional Republicans.

“Why are you so worried about metal magnetometers? What are you trying to sneak in there? Are you worried we’ll find out you eat pennies?” Kimmel added before playing a doctored video clip in which Nunes was made to look like a clown while whining about how unfair he thinks the impeachment process was while attempting to blame Democrats for the violence incited by a Republican president.

Watch the whole thing above. Kimmel’s jokes about Republicans refusing to comply with safety protocols comes in about 6 minutes in.