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Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Low Reelection Poll Numbers With Fake Ad for ‘The Trump Army’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel also talks about the massive protests against police violence, and Mitt Romney

During his opening monologue on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel (as usual) took particular glee making fun of Donald Trump, this time over his consistently low poll numbers, and sealed the deal with a fake campaign commercial mocking a new Trump campaign website asking for supporters to join “The Trump Army.”

Of course, Kimmel also ran through the major events of the day, the biggest of which continues to be the ongoing protests against police violence in cities across the country. He joked that the protests have changed things so much that “Kim Jong Un died and came back to life this year and – nobody even remembers it.” Then he talked about how “encouraging” the recent protests have felt, especially in Los Angeles which on Sunday saw tens of thousands of people converge in Hollywood.

“Do you know how hard it is to get people to walk in LA?” Kimmel joked. “In Hollywood, activism usually means wearing a lapel pin to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. These protests – they’re like the president’s suits. They just keep getting bigger and bigger.”

Kimmel also had kind things to say about Mitt Romney, “America’s whitest man,” who made a stir over the weekend when he marched in support of Black Lives Matter. Kimmel noted the intense criticism Romney received from a lot of other conservatives, about which Kimmel said “you kinda need to ask yourself, if you belong to a party that castigates one of its most prominent members for standing up for civil rights, maybe your party sucks?”

Of course, one of Romney’s big detractors has been Trump, which became the jumping-off point for Kimmel to talk about how things are looking for Trump’s reelection efforts. Kimmel noted that even a recent Fox News poll has Trump trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden by 14 points.

That news came just after several prominent Republicans either endorsed Biden or said they could not support Trump’s reelection, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Even so, Kimmel noted, Trump’s campaign “does have a lot of money, and they’re looking for more,” which brings us to “Trump’s Army.”

The clip was inspired by a new website launched by the Trump campaign called “Army for Trump,” which urges people to “fight with President Trump.” After joking that “it kind of feels like we’ve been fighting with President Trump for three and a half years now,” Kimmel introduced a video for “The Trump Army,” which parodies recent U.S. military recruitment ads.

Among the highlights, the ad boasts that Trump Army: does “more tweeting before 5 AM than most people do all day”; Has “seasoned military leaders,” which turn out to be Colonel Sanders, Cap’n Crunch, and major golf tournaments. “You’ll fight on Santa’s side in the war on Christmas,” the ad promises, “and battle our great president’s enemies, like windmills, strong gusts of wind, and Bette Midler.”

The ad concludes that the Trump Army is “like the Space Force, but on the ground.” Watch the whole clip above.