Kimmel, Morgan Get ‘Impregn8ed,’ Virally (video)

Move over, Ben Affleck. Lil Jim has a new music video collaborator

Last Updated: February 24, 2010 @ 11:09 PM

Jimmy Kimmel, who once famously boasted of f–king Ben Affleck, has now teamed up with Tracy Morgan to get some ladies "Impregn8ed. 

The two comics Wednesday premiered a viral video in which they appear as their rapper alter-egos Lil’ Jim and Tray-Mo. It’s a bizarre three minutes featuring Kimmel in dreadlocks and full-on grill — and both men as grown babies.

There’s also plenty of auto-tuned singing and this lyric from Lil’ Jim: "You can be my Octomom. I can be your Deca-dad."

Will "Impregn8ed" match the viral success of "I’m F–king Ben Affleck" or Andy Samberg’s "I’m on a Boat"? Watch the video and judge for yourself: