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Kimmel Jokes Giuliani Was ‘Literally Dying Up There’ During Press Conference Hair Dye Debacle (Video)

”Isn’t it funny – the ones who shout “Fake News“ the loudest – all have fake heads?” Jimmy Kimmel says about Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Like a lot of people Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel had some thoughts about the press conference Donald Trump’s campaign team held earlier in the day. And also like a lot of people, Kimmel took particular glee in noting how Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, made himself a national laughingstock when he sweat so much that his hair dye ran down his face.

First, a quick recap: During the conference, yet another installment of the Trump campaign’s efforts to subvert the election they lost, Giuliani worked himself up into a lather re-enacting a scene from the movie “My Cousin Vinny,” in an attempt to advance lies about criminal conduct by Joe Biden and Democrats. During the embarrassing spectacle, Giuliani’s hair dye started running in streams down both sides of his face. It was something else.

Back to Kimmel:

“The bad news for Trump is — the legal part of his legal strategy — is not working,” Kimmel said of Trump’s efforts to overturn the legitimate election. “And the even worse news is — Rudy Giuliani is running his legal team.”

“Rudy gave another doozy of a press conference today. It was a success in that it did not take place in a parking lot next to a dildo shop,” Kimmel continued referring to the infamous “Four Seasons” debacle from Nov. 7. “But otherwise, it was a desperate, vomitous attack on every American who bothered to vote.”

Kimmel then played a clip from the press conference.

“Your honor, I rest my case. I have to say, bold move, bringing up cousins from a guy who married one of his,” Kimmel went on. “This was the best part of the press conference. This press conference went on for an hour and 45 minutes and, during that time, he got sweaty. And his hair color was running… down both sides of his head.”

“This was real; we did not doctor this,” Kimmel said emphatically. “He was literally dying up there today. Isn’t it funny – the ones who shout “Fake News” the loudest, all have fake heads?”

“It’s like something out of a sci-fi horror movie,” Kimmel said. “Let’s look at that again. I mean, how scary is this? It’s a Gramp-ire! Run for your life!”