Kimmel Runs Down the Grossest Things Left in a Picked-Over Grocery Store in LA (Video)

Pandemic panic shopping is leaving other people with slim pickings

Jimmy Kimmel Vons Pandemic Coronavirus

One of the most enduring signs of these horrible times is the near-ubiquitous sight of grocery stores cleaned out by shoppers panic-buying over coronavirus. But as Jimmy Kimmel noted on Thursday, it’s not just the near-empty shelves, it’s what’s actually left on them that is unsettling.

On the latest “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel ran down the seven least desirable items left in a Vons in Studio City, Los Angeles, as witnessed by one of Kimmel’s staff members.

They are:

7) German potato salad in a can. “Thank you Germans, for this latest atrocity,” Kimmel joked about it.
6) Campbell’s cream of bacon soup. “Which I believe is Guy Fieri’s blood type,” Kimmel said.
5) Vanilla cupcake flavored graham Goldfish crackers. “For parents,” Kimmel said, “who do not love their kids.”
4) Beef bulgogi. “Korean BBQ the old fashioned way: In a cup,” joked Kimmel.
3) Barney Butter powdered almond butter. “Nothing better than a powder and jelly sandwich,” Kimmel said. “It’s like almond butter meets grandpa’s remains.”
2) Gefilte fish. “Not to be paired with the cream of bacon soup, of course,” said Kimmel.
1) A two-pack of un-refrigerated liverwurst. “It can’t go bad if it was never good,” Kimmel said about that.

It’s all pretty unappetizing but at least it minded a laugh out of this increasingly appalling situation we’re all in. Watch the whole thing below: